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Why We Don’t Want Kids

27 Feb

Global Baby BustIf I had to answer why I don’t want kids – and I can’t speak for my wife who just believes kids are a burden on savings – I have two responses.

Firstly, the decision was mostly forced on me by my wife’s miscarriage. But, of course, we could adopt. The emotional ripper that was my wife’s miscarriage just forced the two of us to consider issues most couples discuss in a more reasonable frame of mind – or, perhaps more romantic situations. My wife and I didn’t mull these issues over wine and dinner; she was on too many meds and was actively despising my existence at the time. There’s nothing like a miscarriage to puncture the ridiculous fantasies advertising agencies concoct for the media of fat-faced babies, tikes on bikes, and idyllic portraits of old people and grandchildren. Have you heard – or smelled – how horrible women become in a maternity ward? Honestly, I’ve been in fights in alleys that made more sense and seemed more pleasant. Why would anyone choose that carnage?

According to Joel Kotkin and Harry Siegel, postfamilialism is here to stay.

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The Real Reason Susan Rice Will Not Be America’s Top Diplomat

15 Dec

Secretary Susan Rice and meles ZenawiWomen can be excellent diplomats, and African-Americans should be on the international stage and crafting government policy. But, Susan Rice, the once-and-never-again nominee for U.S. Secretary of State and still ambassador to the United Nations, is a bad choice for the nation’s top diplomatic post, because of her record on Africa and her professional relationships with various African leaders.

The death knell of her ambitions was probably sounded by a New York Times story on Monday, which detailed how she failed to put pressure on President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to stop fomenting violence in Congo. The liberal establishment’s favourite paper also ran an opinion peace by an Ethiopian activist criticising Rice’s fulsome tribute to the late Meles Zenawi.

In an editorial, the Wall Street Journal recalled how Rice, an Africa specialist, had invested faith in young, progressive-seeming leaders such as Kagame, Zenawi and Yoweri Museveni in Uganda, but stuck by them when they turned out to be not so progressive after all.

Other pieces recalled how in the Clinton administration she had reportedly asked what effect the Rwandan genocide might have on Democrats’ prospects in the 1994 mid-term elections.

The NYT reported that Rice had watered down a UN resolution condemning Kagame’s support for Congo’s M23 rebels, whose recent invasion of Goma, the major eastern city, provoked international condemnation. It emerged that Kagame had been a client of Intellibridge, a Washington consultancy Rice worked for during George W Bush’s presidency.

Senator John McCain, who threatened to block her nomination, and other Republicans would have had plenty of material to make her confirmation hearing very uncomfortable, besides Benghazi.

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Comedy And Smart Power

9 Dec

Bletchley Park's ColossusAbove all, the infectious comedic punch and the quality of the information about the role Bletchley Park‘s cryptanalysts played in the defeat of WW2 Germany and the way the modern internet works is the most refreshing aspect of this BBC4 episode, “Secret Science” (via Boing Boing). It’s always a blast to hear Brian Cox, but the entire ensemble made cryptanalysis new for me.

Of course, the British slant, to make history the result of Britannic heroism is only too apparent. But, if radio programming could be this entertaining and yet so informative, maybe Rupert Murdoch and his media empire could play the role of punching bag

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