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Chavez Was The Left’s Fullback

11 Mar

Chavez and Mr. DangerAs American attention shifts for a brief media second to Venezuela, it’s Latin America’s time to take a bow on the world stage.

Firstly, there’s the intersection of growth and social equity that is so different than the austerity that characterizes Europe’s and America’s response to the 2008 banking crisis.

Secondly, Latin American grievances against North American arrogance are deep, and the interests that are derived from those resentments are not merely rhetorical, even if problematic. Then there’s this embarrassing fact for American foreign policy about “benign neglect”..

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Listen To Our Kids

16 Dec

Listten to Your Kids, Don't Just TalkMy mother was an awesome teacher, not in school, but in life. It’s a cliche we say, that people never tell loved ones, “I love you!” But, if Newton tells us anything, not communicating honestly and without stigmatizing the helpless is criminal.

We spend so much energy making a caricature of parenthood, learning, or being a kid. We don’t try to make addressing issues through caring, reasoned discussion the norm.

Robert Wolf On Wars and Taxes

12 Nov

It’s Veterans’ Day, so it’s fitting for former UBS President Robert Wolf to talk about “shared sacrifice” on Up with Chris Hayes. Here’s Robert Wolf’s “poem” on wars and taxes later on the same program.

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