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Hashimoto Apologizes To US

28 May

Torun Hashimoto ApologizesIt was a very calibrated apology, “to the US forces and to the American people“, but then the mayor of Osaka, Toru Hashimoto doubled down on his opinion about comfort women, effectively insulting those countries where comfort women were abducted – again.

On Monday, the former lawyer, until recently a rising star of Japanese politics , claimed his comments about US troops on Okinawa had been misreported.


“My real intention was to prevent a mere handful of US soldiers from committing crimes and strengthen the Japan-US alliance and the relations of trust between the two nations,” Hashimoto told a packed press conference in Tokyo.

He said he had suggested that troops use the “legally accepted adult entertainment industry” out of a “sense of crisis” over sexual assaults by US servicemen.

“I understand that my remark could be construed as an insult to the US forces and to the American people and was inappropriate. I retract this remark and express an apology.”

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A New Rhetorical Low

25 May

Blowhards In Korea: I Hope They Were Well-CompensatedThe churlishness expressed in the latest explosion of nationalist outrage in a South Korean daily newspaper editorial is a tribute to adolescence – and spoiled interests.

Abe seems to be hallucinating. The low-yen boom and extreme-rightists’ support have blinded him to push Japan onto an arrogant and selfish path. He is mistaken when he thinks he can challenge the memory and decency of humanity just to be popular among his own ignorant people.

If anything, the world could do without the overwrought rhetorical abuse of “God” in the mix. The Japanese press has responded as childishly and offensively – if only the two countries could recognize their mutual and reinforcing asininity. How do you spank a government?

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Hashimoto Stands Up For Cultural Values

17 May

Cultural WarriorsWhat do Yoon Chang-jung and Toru Hashimoto have in common? They both believe in cultural values.

An outspoken Japanese mayor who outraged many with remarks about Japan’s wartime and modern sexual services stood by his comments on May 16, but said he may have lacked “international sensitivity.”


Hashimoto’s comments added to recent anger in neighboring countries that suffered from Japan’s wartime aggression and have complained about the lack of atonement for atrocities committed during that time.

Hashimoto said on May 16 that he had no intention of retracting any of his earlier comments. But he said his remarks might have seemed inappropriate to people outside Japan with different values.

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