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Infidel Links, 12-5-12

5 Dec

Don't Mind the Construction!

Typhoon Bopha: Philippines death toll worsens (The Guardian)

Lee Raises Hackles with Debate Act (DailyNK)

Lee Jung Hee, the left wing presidential candidate for the United Progressive Party, has incited controversy in conservative quarters by referring to the South Korean government as “the government of the south side” during last night’s televised presidential debate, which she appeared on as third candidate alongside Moon Jae In and Park Geun Hye.

Ordinarily, the only place where South Korea is referred to in such terms is in the North Korean state media, causing some conservative commentators to brand her a ‘spokeswoman’ for the North. This characterization was lent further weight when she referred to North Korea’s upcoming long-range rocket launch as that of a ‘working satellite’ and called the Cheonan sinking an “incident” rather than an “attack” or a “sinking.”

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Deploying Pawns

16 Jul

Large Fleet Deployed to the Spratly's Hainan province officials, according to China Daily Mail, have deployed a 30-vessel fishing fleet from Hainan into the disputed territory near the Spratly Islands.

Among them was a 3,000-ton master ship and 29 fishing boats with tonnage of more than 140 tons each. They will fish in Nansha area near Fiery Cross Reef for about 20 days. Nansha is the name the Chinese give to the Spratly Islands.

It is the fishing expedition of the largest scale ever spontaneously organized in Hainan Province. Different from the separate fishing operation in the past, it is an organized combined fishing operation coordinated by fishing co-operatives and enterprises.

There is one commander-in-chief and three deputy commanders-in-chief in the fleet. The fleet is divided into two sub-fleets consisting of 6 groups. It has clearly determined manners of command and communications during the operation. Some fishermen told reporters that they had never been fishing so far away from Sanya.

It’s unclear if this is a National initiative, or just Hainan’s. The latter alternative seems to be confirmed by Hainan’s decision to incorporate three areas as a city, to create China’s southernmost prefecture-level city.

Meanwhile, Japan has recalled its ambassador in protest, after China deployed fishing vessels near the Senkaku/Daioyu chain in response to a Japanese Foreign Ministry plan to purchase the privately-owned islands.

On May 9, Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) deployed an oil rig, HYSY 981, with a companion pipe-laying vessel, HYSY 201. But, far from being an example of Beijing flexing its muscle, this situation underscores how complicated these international issues have become.

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The Aquino Dynasty

9 Sep

Has oligarchy raised its hideous head in The Philippines after taking a breather in the US?

Benigno Aquino III, the son of the late Philippine president Corazon Aquino, announced on Wednesday that he would run for president in next year’s polls, after his mother’s death last month sparked popular clamour for him to join the race.

The highly anticipated move promises to revive political activism among a populace that has turned largely apathetic after two “people power” revolutions against sitting presidents failed to curb corruption and change the way the country is governed.

“I am accepting the responsibility to continue this nation’s fight. I am accepting the challenge to lead this fight. I am running for the presidency in the coming election,” Mr Aquino, a member of the opposition Liberal party, told a crowd of cheering supporters.

Known popularly as “Noynoy,” the 49-year-old Mr Aquino is a first-term senator who was not considered a presidential contender until the death of his mother, Corazon Aquino, who led the 1986 “People Power” revolt that toppled the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

His father, also named Benigno, was a leading opposition leader whose assassination in 1983 helped mobilise the middle class and corporate chiefs to fight against the late strongman.

Luis Teodoro has written of Puno, but why take even the least experienced scion of “…what’s proving to be the most rapacious and most shameless political class in Asia.” for president? If assassins only knew how one death could lead to the ennoblement of entire families, perhaps they would put the gun away.

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