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White Mountain Links, 1-7-09

7 Jan

Sucker in the Middle: FP The Argument‘s Nikolas K. Gvosdev explains how Gazprom is paying dearly for increasing demand for gas in Western Europe and PRC.

To meet ever growing demand in Europe, not to mention in Russia itself, Gazprom has been forced to buy larger quantities of gas from outside the country, and it has significantly raised the price it is prepared to pay, particularly to Turkmenistan. Gazprom has done this to protect its Central Asian sources of natural gas from a growing and rapacious Chinese market for energy — and to drive a stake through the heart of a proposed gas pipeline that would link Central Asia to Europe while bypassing Russia.


Why Should We Trust Beijing: PRC’s Health Ministry promises one death from the H5N1 bird flu virus is “isolated”. So, who gets executed this time?


20-Year after Hirohito: The anniversary of the controversial WW2 monarch’s death raises the old questions again.


What Comes from Too Much Soju: Ambassador James Laney calls for a peace treaty ending the Korean War.

Time to Make the Rubber Stamps: A new class of North Korean MPs are ready for sitting.

The Philippines

One Thumb Up: Fitch says The Philippines don’t suck as bad as other economies in the region.

2019 Bond: Manila offers a 10-year bond.

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