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Infidel Links, Memorial Day Edition

6 Jun

korea memorial dayToday is Memorial Day in South Korea.

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Naked Power Challenged

18 May

Forced to Salute Abusive AuthorityIs there a course where senior military officials learn to sound as lame as Chuck Hagel – a former Army officer?

Defence secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday ordered the military to recertify every person involved in programmes designed to prevent and respond to sexual assault, an acknowledgement that assaults have escalated beyond the Pentagon’s control.

He said this step is one among many that will be taken to fix the problem of sexual abuse and sexual harassment within every branch of the military.

At a news conference with General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Hagel said he believes alcohol use is “a very big factor” in many sexual assault and sexual harassment cases, but there are many pieces to the problem.

Hagel said it has become clear to him since taking office in February that holding people accountable for their actions is important, but simply firing people is not a solution.

“Who are you going to fire?” he asked.

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Yoon’s Crimes Redound Badly Upon Park Administration, SKoreans

15 May

Yoon Chang-jungFired Blue House spokesperson Yoon Chang-jung’s alleged improprieties and criminal behavior in a Washington, D.C. hotel during the first official visit of South Korea’s first woman president, Park Geun-hye, to the United States have sapped the popularity of her administration among South Koreans.

The war of words between Yoon and Cheong Wa Dae over what happened on the night of the incident has been seen to have exposed lax crisis management procedures and damaged the credibility and administrative capacity of the Park government.

The latest opinion poll conducted by the party’s think tank showed that approval ratings for Park that had started to bounce back upon the U.S. trip had started to decline again.

Her approval numbers surged to 64.5 percent at the beginning of the U.S. visit but dived to 54.6 percent by the end of the second week.

New information about what exactly occurred only tarnish that plummeting image more. Also, there’s this “hangover” from the Joong-ang Daily:

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