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Infidel Links, My Wife Is An Alien Edition

3 Jun

Microwavable Spotted DickOn Thursday, my wife got her IR-1 immigration visa for the United States. We’re leaving sometime in the next few months. It’s a short-term/long-term tradeoff: I don’t want to settle down in South Korea. I’ve been listening to podcasts, because of the travel time to Seoul and the U.S. Embassy and back and all that time waiting in lines and chairs.



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Bloggingheads’ Behe Debacle

3 Sep

I’ve spent hours posting comments on the blogs of scientists and science journalists whose passion and experience have inspired me. Unfortunately, it was not to register my approval, but, to attend a funeral, as it were. Two very poorly designed diavlogs on bhTV have resulted in a boycott of the website by Sean Carroll and Carl Zimmer. The major insult was a diavlog between Michael Behe and John McWhorter, which beyond the controversy of Michael Behe‘s appearance, put bhTV, its principal co-founder, Robert Wright, and the site’s editorial policies in serious disrepute.

Why am I so angry? I won’t try to articulate in smoother diction what I’ve just laid down in several comments. I offer them in the order I wrote them.

  1. Bloggingheads Teaches Another Controversy
  2. Bloggingheads and the Old Challenges of New Tools
  3. Morning sickness
  4. Bye to Bloggingheads

I also have to say, that after reading Charles Darwin and listening to many diavlogs, I also find solace in the scientific project. Perhaps “solace” is misleading, especially for those religious enthusiasts looking for a wedge through which to exploit sick-souled individuals like myself. Within the random, unbounded evolutionary conjecture is a chance to become individual, not be molded into the passive manifestation of a higher purpose. For all my love of Lucretius, the value did not come in his teleological arguments, but in his non-Christian expression of religion – like a nicotine patch for a smoking addict. I like the idea of both understanding the world and creating a better one. That’s why I distrust religion.

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