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Republicans, What If…?

22 Mar

Matt K. LewisHonestly, I can live with a Republican party with Matt Lewis in it.

Even, Matt Lewis the social conservative.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect Republicans to come out and admit to distancing themselves from social conservative issues. Instead, it will be couched in the language of Federalism. Rather than saying, “we aren’t interested in social issues,” they will say these issues ought to be “left to the states.”

Regardless of the framing, it’s still tantamount to a surrender. And it occurs to me there are two fundamental reasons for this rapid shift.

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Rand Paul’s Stand (Video)

7 Mar

Mr. Smith, 2013Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul, (with Ron Wyden‘s help) is not my first choice for any elected office, but he’s earned both my admiration for his quixotic quest to rescue Congress’ abysmal ratings with a filibuster. I’m not a libertarian. I like Americans that stand for what’s right.

Paul’s speech began on the Senate floor at just after 11.45am ET on Wednesday. After about an hour, he admitted his throat was getting dry and said: “I can’t talk forever.” But after more than two hours he was still going strong, striking the themes of citizens’ constitutional rights over government power that have made him a Tea Party favourite and hero of libertarian-leaning followers of his father. “The constitution limits power given to Congress. But it does not limit rights,” he said.

And more than four hours after beginning Paul was joined by the Democrat Wyden. Though Wyden said he was still supporting Brennan’s appointment, he raised many of the same questions as Paul. “Every American has the right to know when their government can kill them,” he said. He added: “More needs to be done … What are the limitations with respect to this lethal authorities, in particular whether they can be used inside the United States?”

Spencer Ackerman explains that Paul’s filibuster is ultimately a challenge to the executive branch asking the question, “Is perpetual war OK with everybody?

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