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Give That Young Man His Due

29 May

Asean JohnsonAsean Johnson has a talent for advocacy and had some good teachers.

Some called for the boy to run for mayor. Others reached further, suggesting he could run for president. (Because of his age, he wouldn’t be eligible until 2039.) As for Asean Johnson, he said he might consider a run, but honestly, he’d rather be a professional football player.

“President would be my second choice,” he said on a recent day, taking a break from the playground at his Far South Side school, Garvey Elementary. “And I might want to be a scientist or a lawyer. Those are going to be my two backup plans.”

The reed-thin boy with big ears and gap teeth shot to celebrity last week when a video of him speaking passionately on behalf of his school went viral on YouTube. As of Friday night, the three-minute clip had been viewed 153,000 times, by people as far away as China and Australia.

Enjoy the speech – until the school year ends and schools close.

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The Springfield Ugliness

17 Dec

The good news is, as a less currency-based and expletive-laden form of senatorial selection continues in Springfield, only one in four Americans are buying the Republican line on Blago. The bad news is, ironically, selecting another senator and another governor, amid a Federal investigation, seems seedier than any communication with Blagojevich candidate Barack H. Obama, or Rahm Emanuel, might ever have had. It might be quicker for President-Elect Obama just to select his own successor. The way he’s selected his cabinet, I don’t think Americans would mind.

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Roasting for Charity

16 Nov

Bloggers might be the only people who take Washington seriously, if Rahm Emanuel and Stephen Colbert are any indication. Emanuel roasted Colbert, and both roasted all in attendance, to tackle spina bifida. The sound is dodgy, and the video looks like a bad wedding job, but Washington insiders are venting before messianic politics puts too much of a brake on humor. Colbert did the classy thing, and invited guests to venture on his show, and if they did it to end spina bifida, he’d let them read his questions.

Talking about cabinet politics, Stephen Colbert begs for a job walking over Bill Clinton’s reputation:

(Speaking to Rahm) “Can I be in your cabinet? If Hillary says no, can I be Secretary of State? I promise I’ll be good, I’ll just sit in the back of the room, I won’t say anything! No special conditions, I’ll agree with everything that you say. And I promise, unlike Bill Clinton, if I say something nice about Barack in public, I won’t look like I’m trying to pass a stone.”

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