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Speeches We Didn’t Hear On August 28, 1963

25 Aug

Let’s not commemorate – let us debate.

Also note some modern perspectives.

Super-Hawk And No Hypocrite

8 Jun

Obama SuperhawkThe U.S. president, Barack H. Obama, asks us to trust our leaders.

“In the abstract, you can complain about Big Brother and how this is a potential program run amok,” Obama said, without discussing details. “But when you actually look at the details, I think we’ve struck the right balance.”

He’s a super-hawk, but he’s not a hypocrite.

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The West Texas Bomb

20 Apr

Hellscape At West, TexasYesterday, Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman reported, that OSHA hadn’t inspected the West, Texas fertilizer plant that exploded on the 17th since 2006. Casualty counts are disputed, but the Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed it has recovered 14 bodies in the remains of the plant. Members of the local firefighting company were also killed fighting the conflagration, perhaps two that have been confirmed. According to The Guardian, in 2006, EPA fined the plant, but OSHA had not inspected the plant since 1985.

Officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), assisted by the US Chemical Safety Board, have begun their inquiry into the cause of the blast, which sent a fireball almost 100 metres into the air and left a giant crater where the plant had once been. The inquiry could take six months, an ATF spokeswoman said. Investigators will focus on which chemicals were stored at the plant. The West Fertilizer Company was licensed for 54,000lbs of anhydrous ammonia, a liquid nitrogen agricultural fertilizer that is stored in large reinforced steel tanks.

Officials at first suggested the explosion was caused by the anhydrous ammonia igniting, but it was revealed Thursday through Texas state records that the plant also possessed 270 tons of ammonium nitrate, a much more volatile, dry solid, at the end of 2012. Records also suggested that in 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a $2,300 fine for deficiencies in the plant’s risk management plan.

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