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Bacteria In A Cold Pressure Cooker

28 Mar

Mariana Trench BacteriaDo bacteria colonies at ocean depths where the pressure surpasses 1,000 times atmospheric levels worry you, or excite you (via SGU #401)?

There is abundant life at 36,000 feet below the ocean surface, living under the kind of pressure (more than 1,000 times atmospheric pressure at sea level) that would crush human bones down to liquid, according to the first data from a 2010 robotic exploration of the sediments in the Mariana Trench, in the western Pacific Ocean.

Bacterial communities are 10 times more active at the bottom of that trench than in the plains surrounding the trench, according to the findings, published in Nature Geoscience.

“The deep sea trenches are some of the last remaining ‘white spots’ on the world map. We know very little about what is going on down there or which impact the deep sea trenches have on the global carbon cycle as well as climate regulation,” said lead author Ronnie Glud, a biochemist from Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the University of Southern Denmark.

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