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A Unified Korea Beijing Can Smile On

1 Mar

Chinese and North Korean FlagsThe Chinese do geopolitics right (via Hankyoreh) – no time for sentimentality. Deng Yuwen outdoes South Korean reactionaries, and without any ethnic crap.

China should consider abandoning North Korea. The best way of giving up on Pyongyang is to take the initiative to facilitate North Korea’s unification with South Korea. Bringing about the peninsula’s unification would help undermine the strategic alliance between Washington, Tokyo and Seoul; ease the geopolitical pressure on China from northeast Asia; and be helpful to the resolution of the Taiwan question.

The next best thing would be to use China’s influence to cultivate a pro-Beijing government in North Korea, to give it security assurances, push it to give up nuclear weapons and start moving towards the development path of a normal country.

This is why unification – whether it be southern-or-northern-led – is a non-starter. It just means war. The interest groups and factions represented by Zhang Hao or a Zhang Shaotang aren’t just going to back down.

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Rare Korean-American Consensus on George the Second

18 Jan

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Hankyoreh is just a little less negative.

Bush’s failure was, defined in simple terms, the result of the self-complacency of an incompetent leader. He was so incompetent he was flustered and confused when it came to facing Hurricane Katrina. Despite his incompetence, he still shut his ears to the advice other others, only to come to be ignored by the world and his own country after insisting on simplistic thinking that sees the world as either enemy or comrade.

I’m sure consensus will not last much longer.

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