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McCormick’s Bomb Dowsing Scam

28 Apr

James McCormickThe story of James McCormick, who was convicted for fraud, and his ADE devices exemplifies why cranks selling homeopathic remedies (via SGU #406) and advocating against vaccination are dangerous.

BBC Two’s Newsnight programme conducted an investigation into the devices sold by McCormick’s company, resulting in a UK government ban on their sale in Iraq and Afghanistan in January 2010.

It found that senior Iraqi officials knew the devices did not work and it alleged some had received bribes to ensure they were purchased.

Iraq spent more than $40m (£26.2m) on 6,000 devices between 2008 and 2010, the programme said.

General Jihad al-Jabiri, the head of the Baghdad bomb squad, is currently serving a jail term for corruption, along with two other Iraqi officials.

One senior Iraqi official told the BBC that the useless devices had created a false sense of security – and that no punishment would make up for the blood that had been shed as a result.

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Bad Scientist Hwang Gets Off Again

27 Oct

Is there even rule of law in the ROK? Robert Neff asks a question I’ve always wanted to ask here in the ROK

How much money do you have to embezzle before it merits a prison sentence? Evidently $700,000 isn’t enough.

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