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The Right Man For The Right District

11 May

Mark Sanford and the White Voters Whom He Can Still DupeI’m trying to find a good message in the Mark Sanford disgrace. Thank you, Betsy Woodruff and Kate Nocera.

1. A Republican won in a Republican district – duh!

2. Retail politics – and Sanford is a talented retail pol – trumps negative campaigning backed by outside-the-district money.

3. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch needs to ditch her bus, but at least she did better than Mitt Romney.

Yeah, OK, but Sanford is a sleazebag and a deficit hawk! And, South Carolina’s First District re-elected him.


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The Sanford Stench

10 May

MarkSanfordFamilyCongratulations to Mark Sanford, South Carolina’s new bitch-boy. His 9-point victory over Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is also a victory for deficit hawks, and an insult to honest married folks, gay and straight.

The last two public polls from Public Policy Polling (PPP) and Red Racing Horses (RRH) had Sanford winning by 1pt and a tie, respectively. PPP published a poll just two weeks before the election that had Colbert Busch winning by 9pt.

All three reports have joined the top 10 least accurate polls within two weeks of a special election, since 2004. PPP’s first poll was especially bad. It had an error of 18pt, which makes it the second least accurate poll taken two weeks before a special election since 2004. As my friend Mark Blumenthal points out, this first PPP survey had far too many African Americans as a percentage of the electorate. I don’t doubt that some white voters, a mostly Republican demographic in South Carolina’s first district, were disenchanted with Sanford by allegations that he violated the terms of his divorce, but the difference in the percentage of black voters was too great. Colbert Busch never had a lead of 9pt. One might wonder whether she even had a lead.

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