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Infidel Links, Fools For Controversy Edition

1 Apr

Hunger For Geopolitical PowerToday is (in South Korea) Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day! Or, Cesar Chavez Appreciation Day?

Capitalist Christian Holidays Don’t Halt the Kim Regime in Pyongyang!

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Revenge Killings

29 Mar

Unmanned Drone Poilots This is no joke, and it just might change your perspective on clean war.

Because drone operators (those who fly drones by remote control) target and kill enemies, they are targetable as participants in combat. But American drone operators are not normal combatants. They live with their families. Their civilian and military worlds are intertwined.

For example, a drone operator sitting in a base in Nevada may control a drone buzzing over Afghanistan. Though the operation may be conducted within a military compound, far removed from civilian populations, the problem arises when a drone operator completes a shift and goes home.

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What’s Next With U.S. Drones Policy

11 Mar

Drone Attack on the US ConstitutionActually, too much. Dan Drezner makes a good point: what is it about drones that makes me cringe. Is it, as Heather Hurlburt argues, the assassinations? Not specifically. The executive branch needs to do some explaining.

This is where a presidential speech could make a difference, as Singer says. The fact that Paul’s filibuster happened at all was a direct indictment of the administration’s own unwillingness to be forthcoming about many of the issues surrounding its counterterror policies. A direct response would allow the administration to move the conversation away from hypotheticals and explain what it is actually doing and where it sees the drone program and the broader “long war” going over the next several years.

Moreover, it would also play to Obama’s strengths as a speaker. He has often been at his best when critically examining specific issues in depth, as he did in his 2008 speech on race in Philadelphia and his 2009 Nobel Prize speech. After the Philadelphia speech, Jon Stewart noted in a rare moment of sincerity that the reason it was significant was that Obama “spoke to Americans about race as though they were adults.” It is time for a president to speak to us about drones, targeted killings and counterterrorism as though we were adults as well.

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