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The Ever-Uglier South Korean Welfare Queen

9 May

The Real Face of KoreaDoug Bandow calls South Korea a “defense welfare queen” and argues, that “Both America and South Korea pay a high price for the South’s unnecessary defense dependence.”

1. American defense of South Korea involves the full range of America’s military assets, from troops to planes.

2. American defense requires special assets.

3. America is integral to South Korean security; South Korea doesn’t protect the American homeland.

4. The presence of “dual-use” American military forces on the peninsula antagonizes China.

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Bolton Vs. Bandow On North Korea

18 Apr

Beyond Barbed WireI thought this would be a battle of extremists. This polite exchange between former United States amabassador to the United nations, John Bolton, and Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, on Fox reveals how the conservative end of the American political establishment has moved beyond intervention.

Knock me over, but Bolton isn’t spitting blood and backing intervention with every fiber of his soul. Bolton is emphasizing security no matter the cost. Bandow is essentially making checkbook arguments (via The Marmot’s Hole).

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Let the Neighbors Take Over

25 Apr

There's much in Doug Bandow's recommendations on North Korea and Scott Bruce's advice to China on providing
North Korea a nuclear umbrella
. Unfortunately good ideas go to die in North Korea.

Dealing with the DPRK will never be easy. The best policy would be one of containment, with the U.S. stepping back and placing more
responsibility on the North's neighbors to handle the problem child.


Which leads back to negotiation. Washington should use the North's failed launch to reemphasize the role of diplomacy while
moving in a new direction.

It is probably less painful to have a root canal than dicker with a North Korean diplomat. Nevertheless, the DPRK appears to behave
less provocatively while talking with America and South Korea, in particular. In contrast, at a time of relative isolation two years
ago the North torpedoed a South Korean warship and bombarded a South Korean island. Even if talks go no where they may perform a
useful role.

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