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Infidel Links, 12-5-12

5 Dec

Don't Mind the Construction!

Typhoon Bopha: Philippines death toll worsens (The Guardian)

Lee Raises Hackles with Debate Act (DailyNK)

Lee Jung Hee, the left wing presidential candidate for the United Progressive Party, has incited controversy in conservative quarters by referring to the South Korean government as “the government of the south side” during last night’s televised presidential debate, which she appeared on as third candidate alongside Moon Jae In and Park Geun Hye.

Ordinarily, the only place where South Korea is referred to in such terms is in the North Korean state media, causing some conservative commentators to brand her a ‘spokeswoman’ for the North. This characterization was lent further weight when she referred to North Korea’s upcoming long-range rocket launch as that of a ‘working satellite’ and called the Cheonan sinking an “incident” rather than an “attack” or a “sinking.”

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Infidel Links, 10-30-12

30 Oct

CHINA/At the risk of appearing callous given the very real destruction Hurricane Sandy is wreaking on the eastern seaboard of the United States, today’s link dump has a catastrophic theme. I hope if any readers are experiencing “Frankenstorm’s” wrath, above all be safe, and that they would share with others their testimonies with other survivors.

Democracy Now! (October 29, 2012)

While the news media have been covering Hurricane Sandy around the clock, little attention has been paid to the possible connection between the storm and climate change. Scientists have long warned how global warming would make North Atlantic hurricanes more powerful. Just two weeks ago, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a major study on the connection between warmer sea surface temperatures and increase in stronger Atlantic hurricanes. The report said, quote, "In particular, we estimate that Katrina-magnitude events have been twice as frequent in warm years compared with cold years."

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Legends of Mokele-Mbembe Debunked

28 Oct

Mokele-mbembeIs there a population of sauropod dinosaurs living in Africa in modern times?

That’s the question MonsterTalk put to Donald Prothero, who holds multiple positions in Geology and Geobiology at two different universities, about the mythical Mokele-mbembe.

There have been various reports of suspected dinosaur-like creatures (see my earlier post about the pterodactyl-ish, Kongamato), but the granddaddy of ‘em all – and certainly the most fascinating – is Mokele-mbembe.  Continue reading

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