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Why We Don’t Need Petraeus

28 Mar

James SteeleThe capacity for Americans to forgive its representatives who abuse power looks like manipulation especially when a second-rate pundit like Mike Barnacle asks, why David Petraeus resigned from the Central Intelligence Agency. Umm, because of poor judgment!

Can women afford to forgive the head of the CIA for not being able to know who to grant or not grant access to information?

Petraeus’ personal life is his business, and whether those nearest and dearest to him can forgive him is their business.

But here’s what I have trouble forgiving: By so flagrantly violating the necessary boundary between a powerful married male and less powerful married female subordinate, the two of them have injured the idea that men and women can work closely together in purely platonic relationships.

They’ve given credence to the idea that a senior man and junior woman who are collaborating on a book, a project, a speech – whatever — will eventually tumble into the sack. This issue plagues all workplaces, and does a disservice to women who have much more trouble than men finding mentors to help them up the corporate ladder.

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Petraeus Linked To Torture In Iraq (Video)

7 Mar

James SteeleIt’s unfortunate that self-correction comes ten years late for Iraq.

I was wrong for a lot of reasons — strategic, political, humanitarian — but the most important is that the Iraq War did not meet the basic test of a just war, which allows for pre-emptive military action against an imminent threat, but not preventive war designed to stop such imminent threats from even emerging. The Iraq War, to my mind, was clearly a preventive war and thus constituted a crime of aggression.

Andrew Sullivan to his credit is conducting his own public confession, that he was wrong about the Iraq War, raising the standard for any blogger who has ever made an error in code.

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David Petraeus, American Judas

19 Nov

Chris Hayes pitted Tom Ricks against Spencer Ackerman on the Petraeus scandal on the Sunday show. Tom Ricks still believes David Petraeus was a good commander, and Spencer Ackerman continues to challenge Ricks. Yet, even Hayes in his own editorial and Dan Rather on Chris Matthews’ show can’t get beyond adoring David Petraeus – even when they reprove him for using Gmail or having an affair. And, Petraeus’ name is really useful politically and for high-powered defense attorneys.

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