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The Universe Does Exist

22 Mar


We now have proof. And, this is what we know now:

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A World Is Born

5 Jan

A_y4k-QCEAA1_rI.jpg largeAnd, this baby is far from an orphan in the universe.

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Rescuing the Mayans from Superstition

11 May

www.guardian.co.uk 2012-5-11 9-30-47.png The mound certainly doesn’t look all that impressive. If the walls could talk, they might instruct a more superstitious modern world about how, once upon a time, astronomy, writing, and power came together, to improve a human civilization in the jungles of modern-day Guatemala.

Ancient inscriptions on the walls of a looted house in the Guatemalan jungle are the oldest astronomical charts known from the Mayan civilisation.

Explorers chanced upon the writings while excavating a room buried under a collapsed building that was overgrown with rainforest vegetation in Xultún in the north-eastern region of Petén.

Researchers who dug debris from the room found bright and vivid paintings of the king and other figures preserved on the walls, leading them to speculate the owner might have been a royal relative.

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