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The World Is Coming Up Guns

30 Mar

Arms-Sprouting PolypsAmnesty International supports an international arms trade and condemns Iran, North Korea, and Syria for their “cynical” opposition.

Despite overwhelming support for the treaty, some states still use huge economic interest, the exercise of political power and even claims of sovereignty to justify acts that are patently reprehensible such as the targeting and killing of their own citizens.

OK, so what the US Senate’s excuse for opposing what sounds like the international law equivalent of kittens and puppies?

It’s a rare day when the US Senate finds itself on the same side as Assad and the mullahs, but that’s exactly what’s happening now. The Senate voted last week 53-46 in favor of an amendment to defeat the treaty, indicating that the 67 votes required to ratify it are pretty much out of the question.

Of course the Senate is responding to a very different set of concerns. Jacksonian Americans are skeptical about ceding authority over US interests to an international body and are already stirred up about the new push for gun control at home. This has made them liable to lash out at this new treaty even harder.

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