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Why We Don’t Want Kids

27 Feb

Global Baby BustIf I had to answer why I don’t want kids – and I can’t speak for my wife who just believes kids are a burden on savings – I have two responses.

Firstly, the decision was mostly forced on me by my wife’s miscarriage. But, of course, we could adopt. The emotional ripper that was my wife’s miscarriage just forced the two of us to consider issues most couples discuss in a more reasonable frame of mind – or, perhaps more romantic situations. My wife and I didn’t mull these issues over wine and dinner; she was on too many meds and was actively despising my existence at the time. There’s nothing like a miscarriage to puncture the ridiculous fantasies advertising agencies concoct for the media of fat-faced babies, tikes on bikes, and idyllic portraits of old people and grandchildren. Have you heard – or smelled – how horrible women become in a maternity ward? Honestly, I’ve been in fights in alleys that made more sense and seemed more pleasant. Why would anyone choose that carnage?

According to Joel Kotkin and Harry Siegel, postfamilialism is here to stay.

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