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Complexity By Subtraction

13 Apr

Fish BrainsHumans are so pathetic. Fish have more bones in their skulls than people do.

Summarizing the results of previous paleontological studies, they show that vertebrate skulls started out complex, but have grown simpler and more streamlined. “For example, the skulls of fossil fish consist of a large number of differently-shaped bones that cover the skull like a jigsaw puzzle,” McShea said. “We see a reduction in the number of skull bone types in the evolutionary transitions from fish to amphibian to reptile to mammal.” In some cases skull bones were lost; in other cases adjacent bones were fused. Human skulls, for example, have fewer bones than fish skulls.

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Jesus, The Son

1 Apr

Jesus saw lines of crucifixes radiating from his hands as if the hills were an horizon and his body the zero point. Countless were the generations emanating from emaciated limbs, and before him were his children. They were a fractious lot. Those who came before him mocked and spited him. Before him, where he could not turn his back to them, to shield himself, his children pleaded for mercy and justice. Jesus wept.

“I didn’t like his mother,” Jesus’ heard far away to the left. “She was knocked up before the wedding.”

Another younger woman chided him. “Three men visited his mother every Friday.”

A Buddhist nun stood before the base of Jesus’ crucifix. “I want to learn about love, gentle brother.”

“Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven.” Jesus instructed her.

The second woman sniffed, “Was that a nun, or a monk? I couldn’t tell!”

A prophet with long, unkempt hair and a beard wearing a borrowed suit approached Jesus and motioned the crowd to silence. “What about justice? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?”

“Do not resist evil. Return love for hate, and all you own. Instruct him in the way of the Father by your example. Give to all even when you have nothing.” The crowd cheered the man who saluted them with open, outstretched arms.

The first woman moaned behind him. “He can even give away what isn’t his to begin with!”

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Between The Lines

21 Mar

B-52 TrainingNorth Korea isn’t the only place on the Korean peninsula talking loosely about nukes. South Korea wants a submarine from the United States to stay in the neighborhood. Jeffrey Lewis thinks this March 12 Joongang Daily story is just crazy. (I know this is old news, but the Boards are insightful, too.)

“We decided to convene another Korea-U.S. submarine drill after the Foal Eagle training ends at the end of April,” the official told the JoongAng Ilbo. “We are still negotiating [with Washington] how to utilize the nuclear weapons after then.”

The official did not specify which warships would remain behind with nuclear weapons.

Sources in the South Korean military told the JoongAng Ilbo that a nuclear-armed submarine is a strong candidate.

Now, “핵탄두 장착이 가능한 핵추진 잠수함” means a nuclear-propelled submarine with the capability to mount a weapon equipped with a nuclear warhead. Lewis identifies three possibilities:

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