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108 Billion

12 Aug

Gideon_inhabitantsGeorge Johnson is looking for an estimate of how many humans have ever lived on Earth. The answer: 108 billion.

I was stunned by the magnitude of the number. It is still common to hear that more people are alive today than have ever lived. Or an even more extreme claim: that 75 percent of everyone who ever walked the earth is living today. If the Population Reference Bureau is correct, the proportion of living to dead is only about 3 percent.

Stunning, yes, and enough to make me feel a bit constrained.


Do Babies Judge By Voices Or Faces?

9 Jun

mouth_translationThis is an important issue, when infants are increasingly maturing in multilingual environments, and parents are making decisions on education based on theories about human social reasoning. According to Katherine Kinzler, kids like to hear someone speaking in their native languages, and not foreign languages.

This could be useful to know for educators seeking to immerse babies in foreign languages.


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