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Three Sheets Survives Soju

14 Sep

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My wife – who has been a smart drinker and still a Korean since the first day I met here – reminds me to tell the world, that most Koreans drink slowly. The first lesson I learned was, that one should eat while drinking – one shot, one bite. But, don’t let the topic fool you, this is a high-quality production. My only quibble is, that Three Sheets host Zane Lamprey didn’t stray from Seoul and those damn northerners.!

H/T Zen Kimchi

Shelby Undermines the U.S. National Space Transportation Policy

4 Jul

The anger directed at Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby’s seemingly successful bid to divert Federal stimulus funds from commercial aeronautic development to the costly public development of a questionable stopgap program is bitter.

If Shelby disagrees with the Augustine Commission’s report and recommendation, uses political power to force Ares I into flight testing and production, and then crews are killed which fly on it, will be Senator Shelby be held accountable?


Remarkably socialist

Above all it begs the question: how did one senator – with Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson’s help – do this?

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The Kernel of the Health Care Problem

20 Jun

Let’s be real about what kind of fight health care reform has become.

BILL MOYERS: Wait a minute. The folks who are fighting for single-payer out there say it is feasible if only Congress would look at the economics of it.

ROBERT REICH: Well, a lot of things are feasible if Congress looks at the economics of them. But politically, no, unfortunately and I’m a big single-payer fan. Unfortunately, we cannot get there from here because the political forces are just too strong against single-payer.

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