Shan Lu’s Pyongyang

17 Aug
A Bus Stop in Pyongyang

A Bus Stop in Pyongyang

Mind you, judging North Korea by photographs taken in Pyongyang is like judging America by the standards of Walt Disney‘s imagination, but Chinese photographer Shan Lu catches a glimpse of Pyongyang’s urban life when North Koreans weren’t scurrying away (via Witness to Transformation).

It seems North Koreans are still going with the “vomit every bright color” strategy of marketing, a style rarely seen in South Korea these days, except in the bowels of older public markets.

One Response to “Shan Lu’s Pyongyang”

  1. Bosmosis 18 August 2013 at 7:30 pm #

    Good find. I’m always curious to get these little glimpses inside NK. I recently blogged about an NK-produced browser game, the first of its kind apparently. Like this, not much to see, but I still have to see it. Thanks for posting.

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