Infidel Links, My Wife Is An Alien Edition

3 Jun

Microwavable Spotted DickOn Thursday, my wife got her IR-1 immigration visa for the United States. We’re leaving sometime in the next few months. It’s a short-term/long-term tradeoff: I don’t want to settle down in South Korea. I’ve been listening to podcasts, because of the travel time to Seoul and the U.S. Embassy and back and all that time waiting in lines and chairs.





  1. When the Mede Came (The Ancient World)
  2. How Mexicans View Their Northern Neighbor (BhTV)
  3. Zombies (Little Atoms)
  4. Fleshing Out Allosaurus (Quirks and Quarks)
  5. Humor in China (Pop-Up Chinese)
  6. Sean Carroll and Naturalism (Rationally Speaking)
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