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Laura Seay Really Wants To Help Real People

9 May

Laura Seay at Murchison Falls, UgandaLaura Seay doesn’t like TOMS Shoes.

And, Gwenn Mangine is skeptical about the economic value of the one-for-one movement.

Haiti doesn’t really have a shortage of shoes. There are PILES AND PILES AND PILES for sale (new and used) on practically every street and side street around here. I mean, sure, there’s a lot of poor people here. A lot of people run around barefoot. (Like me, for example, I am barefoot as I write this, as are 10 of my 12 children… but it’s not for lack of shoes.) And true, wearing shoes will help prevent some diseases and keep kids healthier. So, offering them for free… SEEMS like a good idea– like it couldn’t hurt and could only help. But then again– try googling “Miami rice.” Sometimes it’s more complex than that.

So then I wondered about the ethical responsibility of the person receiving the donated goods. I don’t have ANY idea what kind of arrangement is made between TOMS and the person receiving the shoes. There may be specific guidelines about the distribution of the shoes. In fact, I am sure there must be or it wouldn’t be printed that they weren’t for re-sale. But SHOULD there be limitations on how the shoes are used?

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The Ever-Uglier South Korean Welfare Queen

9 May

The Real Face of KoreaDoug Bandow calls South Korea a “defense welfare queen” and argues, that “Both America and South Korea pay a high price for the South’s unnecessary defense dependence.”

1. American defense of South Korea involves the full range of America’s military assets, from troops to planes.

2. American defense requires special assets.

3. America is integral to South Korean security; South Korea doesn’t protect the American homeland.

4. The presence of “dual-use” American military forces on the peninsula antagonizes China.

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