When Psy Met Ryu – And Tommy

2 May

Send In the ClownsSteve Dilbeck puts Tommy Lasorda – no stranger to clowning himself – supposedly dissing Psy into its proper context.

It was part spectacle, part marketing scheme, and partly like being in someone’s bad music video. Only on a baseball field.

If that picture is slightly hard to fathom, then you clearly are unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Psy. Those crafty Dodgers marketing types, however, are well versed in the “Gangnam Style” star’s international dancing and singing fame.

Which is why it was arranged for Psy to meet Dodgers left-hander Hyun-Jin Ryu on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium, their common bond being — they are both from South Korea. Hey, whatever works.

Adding to the awkwardness of this bizarre photo op was that it took place after the game, after Ryu had pitched the Dodgers to a 6-2 victory. Imagine if Ryu had been rocked a la Ted Lilly, and then had to schlep back in front of the crowd and put on a happy face.

Ryu might be 75% for the season now, but powerful thinker he isn’t. “‘I’m just really thankful the game turned out the way it did,’ Ryu said. ‘It would have been a really different situation if it went the other way.'” Yes, you would be 2-2, and no one would have cared where you were born.

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