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Ban Football, Still

24 Mar

Jeff Fisher, Roger GoodellI haven’t changed my mind about football.

Owners can rewrite the rulebook from scratch if it so amuses them. It’s just not worth the cathartic thrill of a “hit”, or even the mathematical precision of a deep pass, to know that these “warriors”, really just abused employees who are the fortunate contingent of a larger army of kids with broken dreams and brains who never get to the show, will become drooling, impoverished slabs of meat. The scum who make money from misery will disown them.

Concussions for young men are the price of our love for football, as broken hearts are what we pay for young love.

Indeed, part of boxing’s decline may well be because football has exceeded its display for blood lust. When George Bellows was painting those graphically gruesome boxing paintings a century ago, he noted that the “atmosphere” around the ring was “more immoral” than the brutality within it.

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