Republicans, What If…?

22 Mar

Matt K. LewisHonestly, I can live with a Republican party with Matt Lewis in it.

Even, Matt Lewis the social conservative.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect Republicans to come out and admit to distancing themselves from social conservative issues. Instead, it will be couched in the language of Federalism. Rather than saying, “we aren’t interested in social issues,” they will say these issues ought to be “left to the states.”

Regardless of the framing, it’s still tantamount to a surrender. And it occurs to me there are two fundamental reasons for this rapid shift.

First, as I’ve argued before, politics is downstream from culture. And conservatives already lost the culture war. Sure, some politicians can stand on principle, but eventually, politicians represent public opinion. You can’t blame a politician — who requires votes to be elected — for responding to the zeitgeist.

The second reason is that social conservative groups — the so-called “pro-family” groups — are mostly a joke. Too often, they are run like a Christian charity instead of a political outfit (how else would you explain even considering hiring a 25-year old member of the Duggar family to run your organization’s lobbying arm?)

I hate states rights – what a dodge!


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