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The Universe Does Exist

22 Mar


We now have proof. And, this is what we know now:

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What Has Poli Sci Ever Done For Me?

22 Mar

Tom Coburn(Disclosure: I am college-educated.)

Why wouldn’t anyone favor money for cancer research and tuition assistance for service members, and take it from funding for the National Science Foundation which involves political science research? Wasn’t that research into the correlation between democracies and war enough of a bribe? No, according to Tom Coburn.

Why? Who knows. Sen. Tom Coburn has been on an anti-political science kick for years for no real discernible reason. “Theories on political behavior,” he said a few years ago, “are best left to CNN, pollsters, pundits, historians, candidates, political parties, and the voters, rather than being funded out of taxpayers’ wallets.” That makes no sense, but that’s his reason, and it’s no surprise that he’s continued his jihad. What is a surprise is that he managed to get a bunch of Democrats to tag along with him on this go-around.

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The Iraq War, If David Frum Were God

22 Mar

David FrumI was for the Iraq War, after the former secretary of State, Colin Powell, lied to the United Nations with his vial of powder, and then I realized that I had been wrong. So, I can speak about the folly of emotion and take my contrition, to run with far more radical criticisms of war than obviously David Frum can entertain.

First, though, Robert Wright quotes Paul Pillar:

Pillar, like me, hopes Iran doesn’t get nuclear weapons, for reasons he spells out. But the common belief that war would be preferable to a nuclear Iran looks weaker when you do what he recommends, and try to think clearly about what threats a nuclear Iran would actually pose.

That belief looks weaker still when you think clearly about the consequences of war. Pillar does a good job of explaining why conceiving of air strikes as surgical is confused, given the many reasons to believe they would lead to a wider war and/or the invasion and occupation of Iran.

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