Two Students Questioned About Bullying

16 Mar

Oliver-TwistAfter yet another student suicide at a Cheongdo high school, police are taking action.

On Mar. 15, the police department in Gyeongsan in North Gyeongsang Province, which is investigating the incident, began calling the perpetrators identified in Choi’s suicide note to come in for questioning. Of the five alleged bullies, the police summoned N (a 10th grader at J High School in Cheongdo) and G at 1:02 pm and 1:49 pm and questioned them until the evening. During the police questioning, the boys partially admitted to assaulting Choi, it was reported. As the police hurry to call in the rest of the bullies for questioning this weekend, they are considering requesting arrest warrants for N and G.

In an unrelated survey, almost a fifth of South Korean public school students need some form of psychiatric care.

The main reason for the increase, however, is that the proportion of schoolchildren who participated in the tests reached 97 percent for the first time last year, compared to around 70 percent in previous years.

Experts said many children from dysfunctional families did not participate in the previous tests.

Another reason is that puberty is coming faster. “Adolescents around the age of 14 are very independent and impulsive but have immature judgment,” said Koh Yun-joo of the Korea Institute for Children’s Social Development. “Although the development rate of their bodies and minds is little different from the past, stress from studying increases and the media and video games have expanded in a fast-changing society, so puberty comes too fast and too intensely.”

Are South Korea’s schools run by Fagin?

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