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Two Students Questioned About Bullying

16 Mar

Oliver-TwistAfter yet another student suicide at a Cheongdo high school, police are taking action.

On Mar. 15, the police department in Gyeongsan in North Gyeongsang Province, which is investigating the incident, began calling the perpetrators identified in Choi’s suicide note to come in for questioning. Of the five alleged bullies, the police summoned N (a 10th grader at J High School in Cheongdo) and G at 1:02 pm and 1:49 pm and questioned them until the evening. During the police questioning, the boys partially admitted to assaulting Choi, it was reported. As the police hurry to call in the rest of the bullies for questioning this weekend, they are considering requesting arrest warrants for N and G.

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Desperate, Misguided Sympathy For Syria

16 Mar

Crocodile_tears_for_SyriaThe New York Times is looking for a savior for Syria. Thankfully, for Syria, Germany is a bully.

The sudden Anglo-French move to overturn a European arms embargo on Syria in order to equip the rebels seeking to overthrow the Assad regime has run into a solid wall of resistance at an EU summit, with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, dismissing the policy U-turn and others warning of a regional conflagration from which Iran would emerge the winner.

Following the summit, the prime minister toned down his enthusiasm for arming the Syrian opposition, saying that he wanted the arms embargo lifted but did not necessarily want to deliver arms to anti-regime forces two years into the civil war.

David Cameron and the French president, François Hollande, had forced the issue on to the agenda of Friday’s summit, on the second anniversary of the uprising. Other participants, who were not informed of the abrupt policy shift, were stunned at the attempt to overturn EU decisions on the sanctions regime against Syria agreed only a fortnight ago.

Catherine Ashton, Britain’s EU commissioner in charge of foreign and security policy, knew nothing of the change until she read about it in the newspaper, according to senior sources, and responded to the Anglo-French initiative by laying out the “pros and cons” of a lifting of the ban. “There were not any pros,” said an EU source.

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Thank You, Can I Have Another?

16 Mar

huckster-marketing-blogI got hoaxed the other day. Thank you, Alun Hill. Like P.T. Barnum, who “…saw nothing wrong in entertainers or vendors using hype (or “humbug,” as he termed it) in promotional material, as long as the public was getting value for money.”, Hill’s humor encourages us to be humble and not go looking after experts. Journalists are not morons; we are all just credulous.

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