No More Birds In America (NK Video)

14 Mar

He's a Republican


Update: Read my apology for this post.

According to this hilarious, approaching Onion-quality North Korean propaganda film, did you know birds are “yummy” and in short supply. Or, that the Red Cross gets lumber from North Korea for the homeless to make shelters?

“This is how Americans live today,” an announcer says in the video according to a translation. “Drinking coffee made from snow, and living in tents, and buying guns to kill each other – especially children.”

“Some people complain about the guns,” the announcer notes, helpfully inserting some balance into the report.

The announcer notes the lack of birds and says that Americans living in tents have killed and eaten them for want of food.

American houses are also known to “blow down very easily.” However, fortunately, the American Red Cross is armed with materials provided by North Korea which alleviate the humanitarian nightmare unfolding in our streets.

A homeless group clutches a Starbucks cup as they huddle around their dead friends in blue body bags. The cups, however, are only filed with “local snow” which Americans are burdened with in abundance.

The narrator notes that Americans have cleverly “disguised” parts of the country to resemble Eastern Europe. The video features one “Republican candidate from Oregon” who walks the streets drinking snow coffee.

Why are buildings that look like “Europe” such a problem? Really, the video says more about North Korea than it does about America. The more sobering thought is, that these videos might be serious attempts, to prepare North Koreans for war.


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