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Book Review #4

14 Mar

Southern Highland Hero, William Wallace Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America (America: A Cultural History) is really two books, the first section of which the book’s title accurately represents, and then a second section on the electoral history of the United States from 1789 to 1988 seeking to prove the cultural thesis in the first section. HistoryBookReviews offers a convenient, quick synopsis. But, it’s much more entertaining than that.

The book follows the four great waves of immigration from Britain to America: the Puritans from the east of England to Massachusetts, in 1629-1640; the Royalist elite with their indentured servants from the south of England to Virginia, 1642-75; the Quakers from the North Midlands of England and Wales to the Delaware Valley, 1675-1725; and the Borderlanders (“Scots-Irish”) from the borders of North Britain and northern Ireland to Appalachia, 1718-1775.

These groups were all protestants who lived under British law, but it is important to note that they were very different in many important ways. And, their influence on America was profound.

“Waitaminnit!”, you say. “What about all the other waves of immigration? German, Irish, Scandinavian, Italian, East Europeans, Jews, Japanese…? We’re just chopliva?” Well, Fischer would point out that the Brits were here first, and had put their stamp on American culture, religion, and politics before the others arrived.

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No More Birds In America (NK Video)

14 Mar

He's a Republican


Update: Read my apology for this post.

According to this hilarious, approaching Onion-quality North Korean propaganda film, did you know birds are “yummy” and in short supply. Or, that the Red Cross gets lumber from North Korea for the homeless to make shelters?

“This is how Americans live today,” an announcer says in the video according to a translation. “Drinking coffee made from snow, and living in tents, and buying guns to kill each other – especially children.”

“Some people complain about the guns,” the announcer notes, helpfully inserting some balance into the report.

The announcer notes the lack of birds and says that Americans living in tents have killed and eaten them for want of food.

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