Let This Be The First Day

9 Mar

Women CryIt’s International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about ending violence.

Joan Smith: Challenging the notion that feminism isn’t the preoccupation of a few well-known women in the media. It’s about everyday life: – equal pay, equal access to jobs, freedom from sexual harassment and violence. Nothing weird or niche about that.

Therefore, let’s end the arms trade.

It is estimated at least half a million people are killed with guns every year and on average a further 200,000 men, women and children die as an indirect result of armed conflicts and violence that are frequently fuelled by the uncontrolled flow of small arms.

And for every person that is killed in an armed conflict, many more are injured and tortured, raped, abused, forcibly disappeared, taken hostage or displaced. Even more have their access to food, water, shelter, employment and health and education services denied.

Millions of them are women and girls.

Amnesty International and thousands of organizations and human rights activists are working to ensure governments from across the world support an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to regulate the flow of arms.

Don’t let any boy complain that women take away all the fun

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