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Peace Without Relief

9 Mar

North Korea Steps up Rhetoric: How Far Will it Push?The United Nations continues its campaign to convince xenophobic conservatives it is really toothless, by sanctioning North Korea.

On Thursday March 7, the United Nations Security Council approved Resolution 2094, imposing a new round of sanctions against North Korea in response to its underground nuclear test last month. The penalties include some measures we have seen in the past–such as designating individuals and companies–but also some new curbs on North Korean trade and financial transactions, and potentially even on diplomatic shenanigans as well. The  bottom line question is whether this new sanctions package is likely to contribute ending the North’s provocative behavior.


It goes  without saying that sanctions alone will not. They can only buy time. Given the  modesty of this package and North Korea’s apparent determination to build its  nuclear and missile programs, regrettably, UNSC 2094 is unlikely to have a  great effect.

Joshua Stanton grudgingly admits the same.

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Let This Be The First Day

9 Mar

Women CryIt’s International Women’s Day, so let’s talk about ending violence.

Joan Smith: Challenging the notion that feminism isn’t the preoccupation of a few well-known women in the media. It’s about everyday life: – equal pay, equal access to jobs, freedom from sexual harassment and violence. Nothing weird or niche about that.

Therefore, let’s end the arms trade.

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