Peace-13 At Any Price

8 Mar

Chinese-navy-to-join-Pakistan-exerciseLet this be a warning to youngsters considering that first experience with illicit drugs: addiction (to oil) can force you to make bizarre decisions.

The United States and China recently kicked off a joint counter-piracy naval exercise near Pakistan in what is quickly becoming the most bizarre relationship between two nations in recent history.

The five-day exercise, called “Peace 13” or “Aman 13,” is in concert with 14 participating nations, 20 observer nations, and is what Pakistan bills as necessary to widen and maintain oil trade routes from the Strait of Hormuz.

Pakistan recently approved a Singapore company’s selling of an Arabian Sea port to China, in what has been China’s recent frenzied bid to expand it’s dominance in the area — so frenzied, in fact, that it brazenly vows to “wear out” one of America’s closest allies, Japan,

Both Japan and the United States are participants in the exercises, and South Korea is an observer. Maybe the Sino-U.S. frenemy routine will rub off on Seoul and Tokyo.
I don’t know, maybe this is all a form of espionage, or sharing notes for a really awesome mash-up later. Or, most likely, it’s just an example of why, all bluster and taunts aside, at the end of the trading day, money rules the world.
The exercise Aman has grown in stature and Aman-13 has set a new benchmark with 33 navies participation including 18 ships. In addition, around 40 plus observers from 24 countries are also participating in Aman-13.
Pakistan being a responsible maritime nation with prominent strategic location is cognizant of its responsibility to ensure maritime security in the region which is of great importance to the entire globe.
However, the nature of asymmetric threat in maritime arena is such that no nation alone can ensure maritime security in the global common.  The only viable option to counter the threats to the maritime trade and freedom of navigation at sea is, mutual collaboration.
You know it’s trivially true when it’s used for boilerplate.
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