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2 Mar

Sequester Fuck-UpI’m resorting to a link dump post, so that I can enjoy the rest of the day – reading while not attached to a laptop!

Salt Sugar Fat: NY Times Reporter Michael Moss on How the Food Giants Hooked America on Junk Food (Democracy Now!)

MICHAEL MOSS: …I managed to come across a trove of internal documents that enabled me to get insiders to talk. And when they did, what it showed was that salt, sugar, fat are the three pillars, the Holy Grail, if you will, on which the food industry survives. And through their research, they know that when they hit the perfect amounts of each of those ingredients, they’ll send us over the moon, products will fly off the shelves, we’ll eat more, we’ll buy more—and being companies, of course, that they will make more money.

AMY GOODMAN: Name names, and talk about examples of the weaponizing of salt, sugar and fat.

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Today’s Kindle Sample #13

2 Mar

Looking Out For/On YouAs a matter of course, the U.S. government withholds information from the public. It’s been this way way since the beginning, and there’s little likelihood that it will ever change. Accordingly, the public seeks to learn that information both directly (through such mechanisms as the Freedom of Information Act) and indirectly (by purchasing newspapers with sensationalized details). The resulting tension is healthy and is essential to keeping the government honest in its classification authority. For example, in the 1940s, the United States began research into a “silent flashless weapon”. When this research began, someone recognized the danger of it falling into enemy hands, and classifying the material made it a criminal act to reveal any details. Today we know the truth. But if not for the continuing struggle between those who create secrets and those who expose them, we might never have learned about the “silent flashless weapon of World War II – the “bow and arrow”.

Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry by Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady (via Dead Drop)

FISA got you worried?

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