This Is What Rightists Learn In High School?

18 Feb

Fast Food Workers on StrikePaul Krugman tries to treat conservative opponents of Federal legislation to raise the national minimum wage from the currently inadequate $7.25 to a water-treading $9 with respect.

Yet G.O.P. leaders in Congress are opposed to any rise. Why? They say that they’re concerned about the people who might lose their jobs, never mind the evidence that this won’t actually happen. But this isn’t credible.

For today’s Republican leaders clearly feel disdain for low-wage workers. Bear in mind that such workers, even if they work full time, by and large don’t pay income taxes (although they pay plenty in payroll and sales taxes), while they may receive benefits like Medicaid and food stamps. And you know what this makes them, in the eyes of the G.O.P.: “takers,” members of the contemptible 47 percent who, as Mitt Romney said to nods of approval, won’t take responsibility for their own lives.

That, it seems, is the polite form of the objection that takes on a less sophisticated hue (via Lawyers, Guns, and Money) when not translated into a mainstream vernacular.

“Your jobs where you’re paid just a little bit are jobs you’re supposed to have in high school and you’re supposed to move through,” they quoted the comedian. “And you certainly aren’t supposed to have two fucking kids when you’re making Minimum Wage. It’s not responsible; it’s not responsible to the kids you’re trying to raise; and it’s not responsible to the community they live in because you’re not — you’re not paying your fair share… So you want to talk about fair share? Stop shitting out kids when you can’t afford kids.” Perhaps this signals a Republican shift on free contraceptive coverage.

I guess Carolla was out smoking a cigarette most of that year.


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