Infidel Links, Rainy Days and Mondays Edition

18 Feb

SF Kossacks4,000 Show Up Sunday for Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in San Francisco (via Daily Kos)
People Skills (via Lawyers, Guns, and Money)

Now we learn of Yale’s plans to train soldiers in “people skills” on our campus only two months before the center is scheduled to open. There was no conversation with the city about how this might impact its immigrant community. There was no conversation with students and faculty about how it might impact campus culture. And there was no conversation at all about the ethics of a project like this. It’s hard to understand where this project came from; the university’s motivations are wholly opaque.

It seems the interrogators have schooled Yale already.

A Few Personal Notes on Pope Benedict’s Resignation (via The Volokh Conspiracy)

The Vatican would make an amazing museum as long as all those dead bodies in red robes are removed. But, all Lutheran humor aside, give the man some credit.

Benedict also seemed like an eminently holy and gentle man. But he is a Pope that I experienced through his words and intellect. And for that I’ll personally miss him and what he meant to the Church. As I understand it, he will continue to write. But I can say with certainty that had he never been Pope I would never have come across his writings. And that has made all the difference.

And, Brendan Michael Dougherty has some provocative, old school words I can appreciate – I prefer my foes to be honest.

If Korea Were to Unite… (via The Diplomat)

The primary threat to this policy remains nationalism, which will constantly push Korea to adopt a more assertive foreign policy. Maintenance of neutrality will require all the tact, restraint, and subtlety that Seoul can muster.

We’re all screwed.


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