Uriminzokkiri Makes A Funny

6 Feb

Sick FantasiesDepicting Manhattan burning (in images pilfered from an American video game), and backed with a version of “We Are the World”, through a technically impressive, if risibly deluded video, North Korea’s adolescent outsourced propaganda division in China, North Korea’s male leaders revealed who their target audience outside of their gulag state is: drunk, middle-aged East Asian men and their disgruntled male offspring (via Martyn Williams).

So, two things we learned: North Korea’s propaganda arm has the technical capability of a ten year old dicking around with After Effects on thier parents laptop and North Koreans have some fucked up dreams.

Honestly, I hear worse than this edited, polished production on any given night in any Korean grill. At least, the North Korean version is grammatical, its delivery not slurred or spit, and there are no expletives or half-naked anorexic models parading through it. The only thing different about Pyongyang’s fantasy and Seoul’s impressive American-styled feature films is, that Seoul doesn’t try to antagonize the United States just to get attention. Seoul just sends PSY.

As a matter of fact, Seoul does try to distance itself from the United States and appear independent, too.

What recommendations the government DIDN’T accept include:

    Abolishing the death penalty

    Abolishing the National Security Law

    Adopting an alternative service system for contentiousness objectors.

Interestingly, the United States was one of five countries that recommended Korea abolish the National Security Law. In rejecting the call to abolish the National Security Law, the government said is was necessary for national survival while the peninsula was divided. Some 17 countries called on Korea to abolish the death penalty, including the United Kingdom and Rwanda, but this was initially rejected, with the caveat that the government would consider it while taking into consideration public opinion and Korea’s legal sensibilities. France and six other countries recommended Korea adopt an alternative service system, but this was rejected due to a lack of public consensus on the issue.

Americans need to filter out the wackiness up north, and realize there is no “good” Korean state or “evil” Korean state. There’s just one big peninsula-sized problem that is more expensive to fix than any American is willing to contemplate.


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