Today’s Kindle Sample #9

1 Feb

LGBT in Our Own Words“You know how we’re going to do it?” Bruno asked sPfzl.

“No,” said sPfzl.

“Well, I’ll tell you,  We’re going to do it with the lasers hidden under our tunics. What do you of that, shiny freeb?”

“Oh skrut,” Nikkk said, and he took the Orgellian blaster out from under his tunic. He shot the Terran named Big Ernie through the head, and then he shot the Terran named Bruno through his off-center red beard. Then he put the blaster back under his tunic and went around and sat back down at the counter again.

“Bring me another yerfulmus,” he said to sPfzl.

sPfzl was looking down at Bruno and Big Ernie laying dead on the floor. After he made another Lyran yerfulmus latte and took it to Nikkk.

“That was some nice shooting you did there,” said spfzl. “But you took quite a chance, didn’t you?”

“Well, all that talk about skranking Otto Andersson for ten thousand credits made me mad.”

“I know what you mean,” sPfzl said. “It made me mad too. You know, I can’t help help wondering what he did?”


“Otto Andersson.”

“Got fleeked up with some corrupt politician in the Federation,” spfzl said. “He must have got fleeked up with a whole bunch of them.”

“I guess he must have.”

“The Space Killers” in BEAT to a PULP: Round Two by Larry D. Sweazy, Vin Packer, Bill Pronzini and Dave Zeltserman


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