Today’s Kindle Sample #7

30 Jan

As it’s turned out, The New Hate is less about prejudice than its about America’s long-standing penchant for conspiratorial thinking, its never-ending quest for scapegoats. Hate groups have been active on the periphery of American politics since colonial times; many of them have exerted a significant, albeit largely unacknowledged, influence on its mainstream. Their targets haven’t  just been people of other races, national origins, and religious faiths (or lack thereof?) Income levels, levels of schooling, sexual preference, gender, and political affiliation have all sufficed at one time or another to mark a person as belonging to a group that is dangerously “other”.

The New Hate: A History of Fear and Loathing on the Populist Right by Arthur Goldwag (via The Majority Report)

And, as an added IW bonus, check out my podcast cherry-popper, Karl Mamer’s, The Conspiracy Skeptic for the new podcast with Michael Bohler on “A Year in Conspiracy“.


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