Question Mark: Jimmy Dushku

12 Jan

Dennis_Quaid_Jimmy_DushkuMaybe, Kim Jong-un has a man crush on Dennis Quaid? Why Jimmy Dushku is the one person among countless millions North Korea has decided to follow on Twitter seems to be the one question no one can answer, including Jimmy Dushku.

He has no personal or political connections to the Hermit Kingdom, much less any affection for its binge-drinking, roller-coaster riding, Kobe Bryant-watching, nuclear-armed supreme leader. “People always ask me how it happened, and I honestly can’t remember,” he says. “It started sometime back in 2010. I was initially surprised, but I always try to make friends with people from all different locations and backgrounds.”

“Out of courtesy,” Dushku says, he followed North Korea’s account in return, and they began communicating. The first tweet below says “Have a nice day, my friend” in Korean.

@uriminzok 좋은 하루 되세요 내 친구

— Jimmy Dushku (@JimmyDushku) April 20, 2011

@uriminzok Hello my friend, I made a video for the people of North Korea. I hope all is well.

— Jimmy Dushku (@JimmyDushku) December 9, 2010

This bizarre, seemingly mundane happening probably says more about the protocol in some obscure North Korean office than about Jimmy Dushku. But, in the West, unexceptional guys like Jimmy become media objects, and in North Korea, no one knows who Jimmy is, and uriminzokkiri only has three followers. It should be noted, though, that the KCNA (@KCNA_KoreanNews), the official North Korea media organ, follows 37 accounts, has more followers, but is far less prolific than uriminzokkiri. Like many of us, that hapless North Korean tweeter should ask himself if media outreach is his strong suit, and perhaps consider a transfer to another office before he incurs the wrath of his boss.


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