Corn and Pinkerton Talk Guns, Post-Newtown

20 Dec

Corn and PinkertonJim Pinkerton sums up the conservative position of guns, and his considered opinion deserves a serious rebuttal.

Firstly, he undermines his point about the community restricting speech, when he argues that expression will turn to social media. At which point, community I assume will restrict that, but then a new media form will appear turning on the dissatisfaction caused by the need for expression. I do miss the days of nightly news, like trimming Xmas trees, but frankly Uncle Walter didn’t do any better than Twitter at providing news. Uncle Walter would never have given us “47%”.

Secondly, if we give Pinkerton his Tocqueville/Hayek argument, what happens if we find out that we are actually more violent than we ever knew, and after allowing guns for defense with no restrictions, we are worse off than with a ban? Australia and China point to a human nature that is despicable, but better off if it’s not given such ease to express itself. Maybe we can just indulge society’s fascination with katanas and other exotic weaponry.

I’m with David Corn.


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