It’s The Style That Won’t Die

6 Dec

Hangmu WackinessSeoul, you might have the cultural might of Psy and the horse dance. But, in China, they have an aircraft carrier.

More funny pics and videos here and here. The selection, like the annoying sample of horse dance-happy afficionados, is endless.

South Korea, by the way, has dreams.

Among countries surrounding the Korean Peninsula, South Korea and Japan are the only two with no aircraft carriers. Tokyo has a helicopter carrier that could be converted into a fighter jet carrier in the event of war. India has also developed its own aircraft carrier, and Vietnam has pledged to provide India with an aircraft carrier base to keep in check China. Recently, South Korea’s parliamentary defense committee set aside 100 million won (92,000 dollars) to study the use of an aircraft carrier to boost military capacity. Though just funds for research purposes, the project is a meaningful first step. A strong navy is a guardian that safeguards national sovereignty for South Korea, which is surrounded by sea on three of its four sides.

Let’s hope there isn’t another dance craze when South Korea gets its own carrier.


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