Infidel Links, 12-5-12

5 Dec

Don't Mind the Construction!

Typhoon Bopha: Philippines death toll worsens (The Guardian)

Lee Raises Hackles with Debate Act (DailyNK)

Lee Jung Hee, the left wing presidential candidate for the United Progressive Party, has incited controversy in conservative quarters by referring to the South Korean government as “the government of the south side” during last night’s televised presidential debate, which she appeared on as third candidate alongside Moon Jae In and Park Geun Hye.

Ordinarily, the only place where South Korea is referred to in such terms is in the North Korean state media, causing some conservative commentators to brand her a ‘spokeswoman’ for the North. This characterization was lent further weight when she referred to North Korea’s upcoming long-range rocket launch as that of a ‘working satellite’ and called the Cheonan sinking an “incident” rather than an “attack” or a “sinking.”

Making a broader point at one moment during the debate, Lee declared, “At the time of the Cheonan incident it was like that, but the north said that it wasn’t them and the government of the south side said…” before realizing her error and changing her phraseology to “Our Republic of Korea government said it was North Korea’s responsibility,” before adding, “That is why inter-Korean relations are frozen.”

Meanwhile, regarding North Korea’s upcoming launch, she asserted, “The important thing is that North Korea keeps saying that it is a working satellite,” and regarding the strained state of inter-Korean relations, she noted, “(During former President Roh Moo Hyun’s time) the conservative forces attacked and vetoed remittances to North Korea, halting the progress of inter-Korea relations.”

Fool’s Errand: America’s Pivot to Asia Has No Clothes (The Diplomat)

The Military Mission and Budget Talks (The Moderate Voice)

We simply can’t afford to do this anymore. We need to do some nation building alright but here in the United States. If cutting defense spending will have a negative impact on the economy why won’t not spending on infrastructure here have the same negative impact. If we can’t afford to help senior citizens in this country we can’t afford to guarantee the security of other countries. If we can’t afford to repair our infrastructure we can’t afford to make the world safe for multi-national corporations most of which pay no taxes.

Despite Tantalizing Hints, Voyager 1 Has Not Crossed into the Interstellar Medium (Scientific American)

Feathers on dinosaurs are UNBIBLICAL! (Pharyngula)

Multiple Media Use Tied to Depression, Anxiety (Science Daily)


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