Sore Winners

14 Nov

Same-sex marriage supporters are cautiously cheering the victory in four states of three ballot initiatives supporting same sex marriage and another banning same-sex marriage. The pain caused by lifetimes of discrimination is not leading to reconciliation with a broader society and same-sex marriage opponents who themselves have considered the implications of a country where individuals and families disagree about the meaning of marriage.

As an example, this ugly spectacle could not been more fitting, and E.J. Graff and Maggie Gallagher manage to demonstrate why supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage need eventually to find common ground on the overall meaning of marriage, whether it’s commitment or procreation. As it is now, Thomas Peters, of the National Organization for Marriage, views the political situation as temporary.

Well, I think victory after victory can bring complacency.


The Human Rights Campaign is saying they still want to focus on how gay marriage has traditionally been pushed, which is by legislatures and activist judges. And so we can talk about shifts and changes stuff like that.

I think this election demonstrated on a lot of different counts it is about turnout. I think conservatives of various stripes who have various different priorities saw that this was an election where turnout really mattered.

And I think that’s one of the priorities for the pro-marriage movement moving forward is turning out our people as successfully as our opponents did this time around. And one good place to start with it is having an equal financial and activist footing. And that’s what we’re addressing right now.

This fight isn’t over.


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