9 Oct

This is my last post about Koreans. Korean culture. Korean history. Korea.

I’ve struggled for over a decade to like Korea. I’m not trying no more. I hit my limit.

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best course of action. I’ve always just defaulted to business as usual mode. Unless I know bowing is in order, e.g., I just act like my mother taught me. I always try to keep my head down. My wife and my mother-in-law say, I’m too nice, too friendly, and sometimes so serious.

I was walking down the sidewalk trying to avoid a pack of kids, listening to a podcast. Science fiction and philosophy – something about terrorism in TV sci-fi. This fat lump starting screaming random greetings and grammar book phrases at me from the distance getting closer. And then, he just grabbed my left hand and started shaking it violently, running through every English phrase he had probably had to listen to today.It wasn’t just a gentle shy shake, either. It was funny for him and his friends.

Not ten minutes later, another boy shouted random textbook English at me again.

I don’t want Koreans to learn English. I don’t want to teach them English Koreans are not my country’s ally – Korea is just a responsibility and a nuisance. The sooner left, the sooner…


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